How Painful is Dental Extraction

Are you planning to get your teeth pulled out? In that case, you must really be wondering how much pain you might go through. Well, yes, it is as gruesome as it sounds. But there is more to it than that.

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It also depends on where you get your dental extractions. For example, your experience will be different in dental extraction in Saint Petersburg from that in Moscow. The procedures vary, and therefore the pain does too.

Possible Concerns

Your gums might show swelling that might trigger pain. The bleeding might become frequent too. Sometimes, you may experience nausea or fever that might spread to ear pain.

The chance of the above happening is not as often. However, if you do start experiencing things like that, approach your dentist.


When you get a tooth extracted, a bunch of tissues helps with the clotting. These are known as the granulation tissues which start to redevelop in about a week. Their job is to protect the site of dental extraction from harm until a new bone replaces it.

The latter takes up to eight weeks to happen. The process is long and can often cause a lot of pain. But to speed up the healing and repair work, you can undertake some steps and measures. Your dentist knows your situation the best, so it would be advisable to approach them.

Tips for recovery

Saline rinses and warm water help kill bacteria. You should keep your eating and flossing habits in check. Avoid aggressive foods. If the pain is intolerable, approach your dentist.


Your dentist will provide you with a post-extraction routine. But since the process is time taking, so can be overcoming the pain. In such times, simply remind yourself that dental extraction is like the necessary evil. After the recovery period, you will be better than ever!